advocating for
food rights

The GFC provides hunger relief for those facing food insecurity. 

About Us

Food security

The Good Food Centre (GFC) is one of eight equity centres provided by the Toronto Metropolitan Students’ Union to help fight and overcome food insecurity on campus. From a grassroots effort championed by a few vocal students to a fully funded service under the TMSU umbrella, the Good Food Centre has emerged as a leader in post-secondary food security advocacy.

As a Resource

Hunger relief

The GFC provides hunger relief for those facing food insecurity on campus. Through several services we assist TMU Community Members to gain food accessibility through providing services such as drop-in food bank, workshops, and educational events. Along with programming, the Good Food Centre also works to eliminate the barriers of food insecurity by advocating for food rights in the community abroad.

Honesty basis

Open door policy

At the GFC, we understand that accessing food on a limited budget can be difficult and that food needs can fluctuate due to numerous and often unforeseen circumstances. To meet these challenges, the GFC operates on an honesty basis with an open door policy.


As a Good Food Organization, we’ve committed to carrying out community food security work to the highest standard possible and to represent our community on issues related to poverty, food, and health. Our commitment to this is reflected through the five Good Food Principles that unite the network of Good Food Organizations across Canada. These principles are as follows:

One Community

In order to make sure we foster a community that is as safe, equitable, and stigma free as possible- we ask that all our members abide by a set of community guidelines:


The food bank operates on an honesty basis with an open door policy. However, they must be a part of the TMU Community. 


The Food Bank operates as a relief program for those that are struggling with financial obligations resulting in food insecurity. It is up to community members to self-evaluate and decide if they would like to access the food bank, workshops, events and related resources.


Members get a certain amount of points/ credits for each order. Points/ Credits cannot be carried over, the allocated amount must be used for each order. The allotted amount is reset each week.


Employees and volunteers hold the right to place limits on certain items. These limits may change with limited notice to meet the service’s demands. Attempting to barter item limits is not acceptable.


The Good Food Centre is an anti-oppressive space free from all forms of discrimination. Engaging in hostile behaviour with other service users, e.g. how long they are taking or the food items they are selecting, will not be tolerated.


By accessing this service you agree to respect all staff, volunteers and service users and will not participate in oppressive actions or use harmful language. Failure to comply with this will result in your membership being suspended or revoked.