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Explore the power of community, food and numerous resources concerning eating on a budget.

Care Package

TMSU Food Box

TMSU Food Box is an initiative that is created for TMSU Members.  Students can sign up by using the google form on a biweekly basis and they can be eligible for a credit of $25! To order groceries, students have to use the customized application that offers FREE Delivery! 

Apply now

How to Apply:

Step 1

The food box applications open biweekly on Mondays and close on Wednesdays at 9 pm.

Step 2

Students that fall under the TMSU membership can fill out the google form with their information (please make sure your student number and email address is correct)

Step 3

If you’re accepted, you will receive an email from TMSU-Food Box confirming your enrollment.

Step 4

Please place your order in the time frame given to avoid any delays and possible cancellation of your credit.


Eat Up Meet Up

Eat Up Meet up is a virtual cooking workshop series that brings together TMU Community members to explore the power of community and food. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn new skills, recipes, and food related knowledge. The workshops provide an opportunity for students to have a tactile experience working with food in a virtual group setting. The recipes are centred on making your dollar stretch with easy, time-saving meals that can travel with you to campus, work, and more. Eat Up Meet Up events are always vegan, halal, and kosher. 

Student Breakfast

Biweekly Breakfast Program

Staff from the GFC host a healthy breakfast at different locations on campus. The breakfast provides a free nutritious, fresh breakfast to students, typically consisting of pancakes made on the spot, granola, fruit, yoghurt and syrups/ honey. This program will be reactivated once campus reopens.

Gould St.

Foodies Fair

The Good Food Centre hosts an annual Foodies Fair, located on Gould St or in the lobby of the SLC. The Foodies Fair is intended to celebrate the inspiring work being done by food justice organizations across Toronto, while also providing an opportunity for TMU community members to learn more about our services, food insecurity on campus, and participate in cooking and gardening demos. This program will be reactivated once campus reopens.


Future programs that the goodfood centre could be expecting to work on: 
Virtual kitchen. Weekly menus created by the nutrition department for all community members to access.

Drop-in Food Bank

TMU members in need are able to receive free food through our on-campus food bank. Through the Daily Bread Food Bank, TMU Urban Farm and our community garden, the Good Food Centre offers perishable and non-perishable food items. Vegetarian/vegan options are also available. Interested community members must register for a food bank membership to access this centre through

Community Garden

During the spring, summer, and early fall months, our dedicated team of staff and volunteers grow a variety of organic food on-site to provide our food bank program with fresh, local, and sustainable produce. We prioritize growing vegetables that are nutrient dense, easy to grow, and costly to purchase at retail prices. Generally, we grow chard, kale, tomatoes, summer squash, lettuces, beets, pole beans, cucumbers, and broccoli.


The Good Food Centre is host to numerous resources concerning eating on a budget. These include: cost-saving strategies, recipes, and Toronto wide community food resources. Visit our Recipe Database or Resources Page for more information.